Killing killing killing, what's your bestscore?

Well i was playing a mission, wave one, step one. We didn’t go anyfarther than that: 306 kills, just a commander and a engineer. Poor guys.


I got 12k points once in a game, it’s easy with engi, they burn every little ship with the drones. And it was in a T3 game. To bad that we lost too :frowning:



Same map, won.

Sabre crashed from the start and the game wouldn’t let him rejoin (bug, not DC or quit). Dunno what happened to willie, i think he died in the first and last rounds? Forgot.

Round 1 with the beacons racked most kills, we stood on 3rd beacon for a good 10+ minutes at 60% before figuring out you can ‘dumb down’ the AI controlled ships and get below the beacon to mess with their pathfinding.

Round 2 went easy.

Round 3 took some time. Racked lots of kills here too.


If you look at the ship composition, me and Sabre (just us 2 in a preformed squad) wanted to actually go T3 - his shield repping engi was enough to keep my 2 T3 ships up. Weird enough we ended in something that looked more like T2.5 lol


Also, if the match on that map extends for long periods you will easily score tons of kills and points.

Sweet Astraal! good luck in the next game to beat my bestkilling.;

If you are talking about high scores in PVE, then you can keep farming enemies for as long as you have patience without doing objectives.

1 engy, 3 guards = 80% time pulsar is active.

Land your ships all nearby on hull, to avoid most of direct fire. Ducktape your pulsar button and go to sleep. Next day finish the objective, and insta-hit your corp to first place in PVE.

At least that’s the theory. There could be some things that stop you from doing so. Anyone willing to try out? :lol:


P.S. Michigogo in first pic, is that Latvian language, or just happened to be similar words?

@ michigo

i wonder when that will happen, i dont really play PvE xD


@ sunder

language is french

and there’s a time limit for PvE missions, dunno how much, but it is viable to go farm npc kills during that time quite easily indeed

Yeah i’m french. And i think the limit time is about 45minutes.