Killed by players with station protection on

I was in Gas Harvest Station for a while shooting down preds and hunters and about an hour later 3 cov ops ships or the like cam from a warp gate, came straight after me, keep in mind I am a sniper ship way up in the air which would not be the first thing you see, and took me out in no time. FIrst off, I have station protection on and no one can harm me in os. I believe that these 3 were hackers or the developers of the game didn’t like me sitting in open space for so long and they took me out.


Its very curious how it all seemed planned.


Time that it happened there abouts: 4:20 PM CST 6/20/16

logs pls


[How to create bug reports](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25328-how-to-create-bug-reports/)

Some modules/things do damage with N/A source thus resulting in damaging even protected ships. At least I encountered this in PvE.

That’s PvE, guided torp and kinetic ECM gun does. I don’t think they do in OS.

Also, how far were you above the gate? Some people actually use enhanced scanners. Another thing to consider is if you were in a group with protection off.


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Perhaps the most likely source that no one has considered yet is that some tiny tick of splash damage or an accidental graze of a weapon hit a police ship that later died.

Criminals don’t get station protections. Criminal status lasts for five minutes. Criminal status is not terribly easy to see on yourself.

Also we don’t have logs. Upload logs if you ever want to report a bug.

You can’t hit police ships/things that turn you criminal while under station protection.
So this can’t be the reason if those secondary source things can’t hurt things in safety state.
The only thing I can think of is a kamikaze recon move(see a frigate, activate warp from 1km+ away and warp into it + crash die to turn the safe one into criminal).
At least this was reported by corpmates numerous times before that this abuse can be done…