Kill the Cargo Ships

I have been trying this mission since I hit t2 r4. I have yet to get past round 1 with my team. (sorry cant think of the name of the mission right off hand) I do seem to be the last to die, but it still doesn’t make me feel any better…lol  

Am I wrong in thinking that the team should stick together and not rush, at least on round 1? Every time, there is one guy running ahead and we end up having a ton of npc’s on us. seems like the next cargo ship waits to spawn until we reach a certain spot. Out of the 5 times I have been in the mission, 3 times the second cargo ship and its escorts didnt spawn till we were somewhat close to its spawn point. The other two times one guys would be flying all over and we would be swamped by npc’s. Are they on a timer. or proximity to their spawn point? 

Any help for me to understand this mission, would be greatly appreciated!! 


Corn fused,


The problem is likely your team bringing low rank ships. PvE 4-9 is only balanced for rank 8-9 ships I’m afraid.

Sometimes I just wish I could add bots to PVE with hard difficulty settings instead of randoms and still get all the rewards I would need.

Of course, I would also want to fully customize the bot ships to full synergy levels and mk IV’s on all the slots.

I can just drink a cup of tea then and let it play all day, so I can see my credits count go up very quickly.


And then I woke up, realizing, it was only a dream.

Maybe it’s because until yesterday PvE was brokenly difficult.

One thing I find, is that PvE needs squads to win effectively. Just going in with a bunch of randoms is unlikely to win. Get some friends, get some tactics.

Different ship classes in a squad help.


 - Engineer for healing

 - Command for resistance

 - guard to taking out swarms with pulsar

 - gunship/sniper for damage

Thanks for your input guys. But, you didn’t answer my question. Do the cargo ships spawn from our proximity to their spawn? Or, is it timed, and we have to be really quick in killing everything? If it’s the second, then I dont know what to do. It’s not like I have a top synergy ship with all the upgrades. I just got to this lvl. I might be a newby, but I do know how different classes work. And I try and go with what is needed when we are waiting for the mission to start. Everyone is getting wiped out before we can get the second cargo ship taken out. 

Oh well, I will be diligent…lol

I will not be detoured!!

Still fun no matter. I will eventually get through it.

Thanks again!

Look for me in game and I’ll help you get through it or at least take you through a custom and explain it to you. Add, Recoil, to your friends list.

Cargoship spawns are timed and it’s best to take a high DPS ship for the first mission to make sure that you kill the first one before the next spawns. When the last four cargoships spawn however you’ll want to also have a high survivability (since you’re T2) as some of the enemies if you don’t kill them first will start to swarm and could make you fail the mission.