kill all enemies - impossible?

most missions have 2 win objectives, either do X or kill all enemies. But with respawn active in all but one mode (the one with the captain) killing all enemies is practically impossible since it requires coordinated action to kill all enemies with like a 15 second window


with mechwarrior online this is possible since there is no respawn until the next game and its not game breaking since armor was doubled in that game and it requires some time to kill someone


with this game, armor and sheilds need to be doubled if respawn is disabled to avoid bouts lasting only a few minutes

update fight:regular has no respawning but you can field 3 ships one at a time

Kill all enemies in regular is still a viable option. I have seen Arcade games easily get more than 30 kills per side, which would be the end of a game in regular.

Regular is over very quickly in my experience, which I suspect is why Arcade is more popular.