Kill Alien Hunter in Pallas Border (PvP) [Updated]

I finally found this Alien Hunter as he was rotating around an Alien Outpost.


So, I destroyed the Alien Outpost and then went to target him, no problem taking him out, just took quite awhile, since he’s so aggressive and does a lot more damage.


However, this is a bug, he has no exclamation point above the ship, in fact, it has no descrption on it at all, just an Alien Hunter form in space.


I don’t think this is necessarily a Linux bug, perhaps it happens on Microsoft Windows and the Apple Mac version too.


You can find this hunter near a warp gate that is disabled (it’s red in color, not like blue when it’s working). He’s near a lot of asteroids.


Next time, I go to Pallas I will go for him and get a screenshot if someone doesn’t do it before me.


Note: The Alien Outpost is in fact labeled “Alien Outpost”.



It is not enough to just kill a hunter. You have to kill the hunter with the golden exclamation mark on it! So keep searching for him, and I would recommend you take a ship with high sensor range. It really helps for doing missions.