[Kickstarter+Greenlight]Void Destroyer my indie space sim and rts

Hey guys I’ve been coding away at a “game of my dreams” for 4 years now and reached the Kickstarter and Greenlight stage.

I got the idea to combine a space sim with real time strategy - with the aim of giving the player a unique gaming experience - so you can be in a dogfight one moment, pilot a cruiser or issue orders to the rest of your fleet.

I always thought that in other space sims the player was too low on the totem pole - I wanted to be both the pilot and the commander, and here we are. My other aim was to have the game live as long as possible so I’ve built the game from the ground up to support modding.


Here’s the first trailer:


There is a playable alpha demo on the main site here:


Here are some screen shots:




I hope that you guys check the project out, post any questions/feedback, and tell anyone who might be interested about the project.






please do not advertise for other pages/projects on our forum.

Lol, can’t handle competition? His game looks quite amazing and I’m glad he shared it here.

Competition is fine, posting ads on a competitors site is just rude. I bet if we went to their site and posted advertisements for SC, they would be deleted and we would be banned from the boards.

he posted 1 advertisement, in a off-topic section of the forums, meaning anything un-related to star conflict. I still don’t see the problem.

Right from the forum rules tab at the top. I have taken the initiative to just put in whats relevant in this case. 


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Which he initially did and have since been edited out.

I’m quite sure, that something about posting adds in forum are against its rules. and besides it is indeed impolite.

EDIT: what CBA just said!


Anyway, the game reminds me a bit of SPAZ(space pirates and zombies).

Hahaha, SPAZ is actually pretty fun dispite having it seem like the devs thought of the name in like three seconds

Guy1: How we call it?

Guy2: Hmm… There Are pirates… and zombies… And it’s in space… 

Guy1: I got it! Space Pirates And Zombies!


Apologies about the rule violation.


Wasn’t sure if “crowdfunding/donwations” would be considered an add.



Thanks to all for the kind words and for the mods for editing the post to conform with the rules. Not to be a hypocrite - I did create a other games section on my forums.