kicked for inactivity

Whats the point in kicking the captain for inactivity, when he pings the targets on map that needs taken out?


I sat in an enginier. Way back. Map open. Pinged targets that need killing.


All of a sudden, kicked for inactivity.


Then it chose a new captain thats dieing in frontline battle already.


Its okay to kick people if they are inactive, but i sat there pingning like crazy on key targets. Like intercepters trying to take our healers, and their prime targets like a healer that sits a bit for himself.


Whats the point of being able to see all targets on map, if you cant use it without being kicked?

Captains should have a specific exemption since, as far as I’m concerned, hiding at the back of the map and waiting for victory is a valid tactic as a captain.

Usually when captian its best to move to different cover points and ping targets. Now since the new patch, Its best to have your squad in a frigate line and slowly move up, forcing the enemy to rush into certain death.

Easiest solution is to give a warning to AFK captains.


To many times i see a random captain getting attacked and it take him a good 5 seconds to get moving. If anything reduce the timer on captain kick, but include a warning please.



or just a option Not to be captain ! that way people who will eithe rage quit or suicide by running to the enemy in a interceptor wont be a issue anymore.

I personally like being captain and it is such a waste when a random who doesnt want to be captain is.

I got kicked once a few weeks ago.


It’s annoying but that game our frig that got it on the front line figured it out pretty quick and got back in time.  It’s a problem, yes, but it’s really not that hard to just move a little bit.


Also rubbing asteroids like a cat is fun.

might sound weird but i have my (W) key on toogle so ill park my frigate in front of a astroid and have my ship fly in to it it dosnt damge me and fixes me geting kicked while i point out targets for my teamates i do how ever thing their should not be a not be captin button that verible of wondering who’s a captin and if hes good or not or has the right type of ship or not play a big part in how the match gose i have seen a interseptor captin and half their team changed to healing frigate to keep him alive stuff like that is rill cool to see in matches so i say keep random captin but take of the inative kick for them

Oh man a captain not moving and not immediately noticing me stabbing him in the xxxx? Yes, bring about this kind of behavior, more meat for the space sword to slice.