KI always shooting at me - no matter wich ship or map

Can someone tell me why KI alway shoots at me?

No matter wich ship

No matter wich map

Every day

Since Weeks

It sucks

Wtf are you talking about 

Suppressor and Artillery, Commander etc, every bigger KI is shooting immediately at me, only at me, not at one of the other three in the group…

OP seems to be playing PVE and he gets focus target by every enemy ship.

_Lonewolf_ simply take cover and then attack once the enemy ships target another player…

“KI” = “AI” in German, i.e. bots.

Poor guy seems to think he is being focussed by bots ![:p](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/004.png “:p”) That they are out to get him…

Don’t be the first one to get close to it. Stay back and it should target someone else. Also don’t just sit still or suppressor may fire pyro at you :stuck_out_tongue: