Keywords: realistic mode, good(sh*t) match.



that picture itself defies description.


A friend sent me this screenshot and asked me wtf is wrong with the matching system. I could not answer but to tell him to get used to it.


Sad, really sad.


And I just cannot help to stop complaining about the server problem. Why could WT have such developed and stable server while we had this high ping and don’t-know-when-will-I-loss-packet server.


don’t let us down devs,


don’t let us down.


this is a good game and a very promising one.


don’t let us down.

wow … :facepalm:

Excuse me but I don’t get it, could someone kindly explain?

You only get to take the ships in your slots.  Because of realistic, you should always have every slot filled.  One team has 36 lives, the other has 27.  There’s a 9 ship difference between teams.

I’ve seen worse, sadly.

Happens to be all the time… i have even seen it where 2 or 3 of the other team have 4 slots full and the rest have all 3.  Then there is our team with 60% of people not even having 3 full slots.  Not to mention the people that have 3 slots usually have tier 3 ships where as the ones on the other side often seem to have only T1/T2 ships. 


The balancing in this game seems no existent to be honest, its like picking numbers out of a hat!