Keyboard randomly starts typing in Cyrillic (NB)

I don’t know if this topic should go here, or elsewhere, but since it’s been bothering me for some time, I think I should address it already.


In-between (and even during) matches, my keyboard starts typing in Cyrillic for reasons I cannot discern. The same occurrence also (randomly) enables me to go back to typing in roman letters. This happens often, regardless of server. Forgive my ignorance if there is indeed a toggle button for this, but otherwise, I do not know what triggers the occurrence.


EDIT 10/14/2013: Usually, the only way for me to resolve this is to quit the game entirely and restart the client.




I am running the game on Windows XP. I do not speak Russian, though I have some rudimentary knowledge of how it is read.

Haven’t been a Windows user in the longest time, but if I still remember correctly you can switch languages on the language bar through a keyboard shortcut.

At least your keyboard hasn’t randomly started typing in Klingon.

If you have RU keyboard installed on your windows, ctrl + shift or ctrl + alt switches between them.

Hmm. I’ll try that out when I log in to the game again. Must be happening because I’m frequently hitting afterburners while descending. Thanks, mates.

Afterburner + Strafe down does that to you. Because Shift + Alt changes your keyboard configuration. Just keep pressing them until you’ve regained your regular key settings.

Alrighty, I’ve tried and pushed Shift+Alt both in-game and outside of Windows, and got the desired results. Seems like Shift+Alt also affects the keyboard in-game. Many thanks, guys.


Mods, if you see this, you may close it now.

Sorry I didnt get to this sooner, my home internet was down for a few days due to ancient modem meltdown, living in the boonies and the nearest store to pick up a new one being 250 miles away.

Can you make and option to disable language change in-game ? 

I am using Shift(aftbns) and Alt (strf) a lot and many times at the same time. 

Then I type something fast in corp chat анд ит лоокс лике тхат.