Katana VS Phobos

Still Best Katana[Command] or Phobos[Gunship]?

Im confused to choose these T3 Fighter for Hit and Run Fight

Commands are not hit and run ships.

gunship = kill frigate

command = protect frigate


hit and run … i’d say gunship


but because it’s phobos - be prepared to learn to fly ultra defensively.

The only thing the Phobos is better at than the Katana is dying, exploding and tanking your DSR.


I would fly the Katana over the Phobos every time if given the choice. Hell, I’d fly the Deimos 2 over the Phobos if given the choice!

My DSR went back up to 1400 from 1040 leveling up the Phobos as a side effect from flying safely instead of charging in for objectives like I do with commands and engineers.


Now that it’s 9/9 and T4 Gunship unlocked … I kinda miss that little POS ship lol.


Dunno what it is with that ship but I’m more comfortable with it than I am in the Wolf-M. Main weapon stats goes off the charts and Frigates melt in seconds. It’s just ultra poor at getting out of trouble. So I learnt not to get into one in the first place. Biggest problem for me would be missiles. Can’t out-fly them, Can’t tank 'em. No spare slots for Flare + Reboot invul combo …


I think it’s a hardcore learner’s Gunship. If you can make the Phobos work … you can work with any gunships after that.

Personally i would rather look into my future progression plan and what faction i want to progress/which ships i like more. Katana sits in an amazing spot )in ship tree. It opens up an access to Tackler, Command and Cover Op, and by opening up CovOp it indirectly opens up ECM tree as well in higher tier, so by flying Katana (if you want to progress through Jericho) you can avoid huge amount of low level ships, while playing phobos you gaining control to commands and gunships only.

I bet you’re a tonne of fun on dates… 


j/k :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh thanks for informations