Katana vs Fed Tacklers

So for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to use Katana properly. I’ve tried several times but she just won’t cut it for me. What is the best build for her and how do you use her properly? Or all jerico tacklers for that matter.


FYI, Federation Tacklers are now my favorite class of fighters, I know how to build and use them properly, they are awesome ships. But weirdly enough, jerico tacklers just run me into the ground LOL.

em & thermal in shields, gravi beams with range ammo and horizons

you make use of your gravi range + sight range bonus being almost identical

you almost always try to use heatsinks to speed up the gravi


jerri tacklers are team ships, and should be on the outer flank of your fleet ideally. your main role is poking, baiting, and securing any fast mover that comes closer. additionally, if you have time, you can also help the team if it primaries someone. your movement should consist of strafing in all directions, aka “dancing”, if it gets too hot, you should cloak and change flank, otherwise you should be as annoying as possible.


it is extremely hard to play without teamwork, but at least in the classic t3 meta, the kat-ae was the strongest tackling tackler, because it was not reliant on others providing the sight range; your shield primarily acts as a “temporary exposure” to enemy fire.

as it is a team ship, i recommend keeping close to your styx in emergencies, and using a small drone as fourth module (simply because its useful to drop it before cloaking or getting rid of spydrones if you are too far out and need to cloak)


this is how i found myself playing the katana in the end, and i played it a lot. why i say its the best tackling tackler is because of the range and dedication to its task; a fed tackler built the same way might have a little bit more tank, usually less range however. fed is deadlier in a 1v1, but not in the game of slows


high tier jerri tacklers are different; most of them are also not as viable imho. or for other reasons (like the sawtooth and its huge shield buffer)

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Thilith poker is also good if you have it. Go for range and rate.

Imo jerry tacklers are just bad, you can do all the same build with a fed version and with better lvl bonuses, speed… and if you already feel great on fed tackler that one more reason to not waste time with them

Dunno about the katana, but you can equip the strafe implant + adaptives to get some pretty awesome durability out of them, not just by flying forward but also by strafing. Works really well with super crit gauss or gravi annoybeamer, especially with the sword ae. Sawtooth is obviously going to be more effective though, due to ridiculous ship bonuses.