Katana/Katana S have no bonuses?

Is it just me or do they have no bonues?  Other end T3 ships have +10% main weapon damage, +50% module range or 20% reduced cooldown, but Jerico command ships get nada?

jer strong is the best command. but premium.

Command of

-empire have more hull and can carry 1 large missile plus 10% danage------>then is a more offence command

-jerico have more shield are more fast compared of empire. (speed is a defence in duel and with rigth module can sacrifice some hull for more fast .)

then is more defence command.

with right implant and module is better the jerico.

I believe the Empire and Jerico swap hull and shield strengths, but are otherwise equal.  Ignoring the implant skill trees and subfaction advantages, it seems that the Empire ships get additional bonuses that the Jerico ships do not.