Kastor bad look

Ok this has been bugging me for a while now…


Here is the Prometheus Fire, not a great ship admittedly, but damn does it look good.




See those nice clean lines?  The nicely detailed textures picking out the various panels on the ship?  Looks awesome.


Here we have the King Kastor, one of the deadliest ships I’ve flown but… eww…




I actually happen to like the model design, but someone seems to have been really lazy with the textures: the panel outlines are greyish and fuzzy, the red warden symbol looks like it was blown up from a much smaller image, and almost as if to point out how bad the rest of it is, the greyish sections inside the twin hulls seem to look just fine.  Additionally, the cockpit is just a grey panel, unlike on most empire ships where it’s actually visible.


The normal Kastor appears to suffer the same fate:




Doesn’t seem to be a scaling issue either, as the much bigger frigates are just as clear and crisp as the fighters:




So what’s up?  Is the Kastor just on a waiting list for a re-work, or is it just supposed to look naff?


I haven’t played very far into the other factions so I’m not sure if they have similar issues, anyone who does know post some screens.

I dont like the way my castor 2 looks either.

If you want sexy, Jericho wins hands down.  Everything else is fugly.

I tend to find that a ship’s “beauty” is relative to how well it performs for you/saves your butt.

Kastor looks like it has come from 1950 sc movie.Top score for most ugly ship.

I think T4 emp frigs look the best while Jericho has the best looking t4 fighters.   Fed gets…a frig that looks like a flat piece of space debris…oh wonderful.  

Kastor looks like it has come from 1950 sc movie.Top score for most ugly ship.



What are you talking about. I love the way it looks ! it looks amazing !