Karud (ship) adjustment of the synergy bonus.

Change the *critical damage increased by 20%* 

to *Increase critical chance by 10-20%*


As it stands, you cannot get 50% crit chance even with every single module, implant, and ammunition on crit chance.

This synergy bonus is currently…iffy.

So? Polus, Octopus, Bear, Rockwell are the first ships that come to my mind that have crit damage bonus and there are many others like them. There are bonuses that may be “iffy” for you, but that doesn’t make them bad.


In any case it should be 10%, not 20%.

When the ship can’t make good use of the synergy bonus, it becomes better to just use another build.

I find myself ignoring the crit damage entirely and going for base damage with a better setup.

You can make a perfect use of that bonus having 33% crit chance with blue infrared scanners seems nice to me. You can either use weapons with fast RoF (Pulse Laser/RFB) or weapons with crit ammo (Pulse Laser/Shrapnel/Kinetic Supercharger). Both ways the damage output is pretty high. 

True enough.

Perhaps I’m just stingy about crit type ships having high crit chance.


The high fire rate, sure enough, does even it out a bit.

I like it a lot. Having 2 capacitors allows you to put 1 heatsink, making Lasers and RFB hit almost the RoF cap. Like Spirit and Kevlar Ha, Karud is like a battle ECM with offensive bonuses. The 3 shield slots means 3 adaptive shields and that means a lot of resistances. I don’t know, I like it with Shrapnel, spread ammo and 2 infrareds and it’s a pretty sweet ship. Ofc you can’t fly it like you would fly the Waki AE (you can but they’re different).