just what is optimal and maximum range on lasers?

i might use long range laser (somethimes) for fun.


what does it mean.  i mean, my lasers has 4200 range and thats what it says, it might go 4300 when target is out of range but nothing more. in the game i dont see anything about optimal and maximum. since most likely this means optimal is where the weapon shots at its best before it starts to lack power (in hitting the enemies) but on laser its same all the time. ?






Optimal and maximum range increased by 15%









Optimal range is the range where the weapon does the most damage and if you have it enabled when the targets hit box lights up, where as maximum is the furtherest the weapon can hit a target.

Optimal Range is 75% of the max range. This deals the advertised damage. 




If you have Lazers that are 5000 Meters MAX, then your optimal Range is 3750. (5000-75%=1250) (5000-1250=3750)