just started

can someone take the time to go over what each of the fighters roles are? i saw the description but only on a couple of ships. i have played world of tanks so i will understand those comparisons if that’s easier. i am from the federation if that matters any.

Gunship: exactly what it says in the tin. Massive damage bursts, fast, but relatively weak.


Command: Support role, provides buffs to resists, weapons and speed. Relatively good damage, tanky as all hell.


Tackler: paper-thin tank, support role that reduces enemy resistances, slows them and inhibits afterburner usage.

and those long range ships?

and those long range ships?



Long Range: Imperial Disitegrator is a sniper laser. 10km/sec, almost instant damage. Jericho Torpedo is a large high damage Torpedo you can steer to your targets to explode for a high amount of damage. Extremely low tank.


Engineer: aka, Healer. They provide heals to an immediate area around them. Very high tank.


Guard: Area denial Frigate. Denies afterburners, AoE damage every second, debuffs enemy weapons. High tank (smaller tank than an Engineer, considering these are the “tank” of the game).