just spitballing here

so, one of the most interesting things about LRFs in my opinion is the fact that their special modules are different based on their factions, it’s a very interesting mechanic as it causes them to play completely differently, what do you think would happen if other ship classes got similar distinctions? here I’m just spitballing, but if there were different modules for different factions of ship classes what would you want to see? here is what I’ve come up with so far:


all unique federation special modules for guards as of yet have been burst use, compared to Jericho’s drawn out passive resistances, this suggestion makes federation guards better protectors while making Jericho guards more the tanks

-‘Protectorate’ Shield
cool-down: 25 seconds

on activation the guard’s shield gains 100 points of resistance to all damage types for 5 seconds, allies within 3km gain 50 points of shield resistance to all damage types for 10 seconds. also provides 30 second speed boost we’re all familiar with


-Phase Shield

the current one, nothing needs to change



I’m not quite confident in this idea as it doesn’t cause the two ship types to play too differently, nonetheless, here it is


-Support Drones

statistically near identical to the old drones, however the drones no longer fire, instead each drone will repair the shield and hull of the most damaged ally within 2km, at a rate similar to the current repair rate of the drones, on activation the module acts identically to the old one


-Combat Drones

similarly to the support drones these drones will have a very slight difference from the old engineer drones, that being that they will fire and never repair, on activation the module acts identically to the old one



I’m thinking federation gunships would be more dog-fighters or hit-and-run enthusiasts, while imperial gunships would be armed to the teeth, focusing more on their firepower



the current one


-Extra Caliber

on activation the weapon’s ammunition is temporarily replaced, all shots create a 200m thermal explosion dealing 55% of the weapon’s damage per shot on impact, lasts 8 seconds


so, a few quick things, I don’t think any of this will actually happen, like I said, I’m just spitballing, secondly, please tell me what different special modules you would like to see

I like it! The three original Factions should be more diverse!