just some information about the shop

Some of the objects for sale have wierd characters in the descriptions.

i cant wait to see what you have in store(no pun intended) for the black market,

We need some statistic discribe ships in shop.

also need describe each type of gun is what… so far we only know railgun is kinetic… but we dont know which one is thermal and which one is EMP (except EMP missiles)

this make confusing for resist

Plasma is emp and laser is thermal;)

Plasma is emp and laser is therman :wink:


ok… thx for the info hahaha

Rail gun= knect damage= good vs hull

Plasma= emp damage= good vs shield

Laser= thermal damage= good vs all (need focus to more damage)

i think those guardian beacon eat ma shield like termites on wood… while my hull last longer… idk… they supposed armed with railgun rite?

They use plasma.

When you die to a guardian drone, apear something like that:


no wonder… guess the beam colour should blue then instead red like railgun

Problem? coolface.png