Just let us play how we want

Instead of making certain game modes and ships required to earn certain rewards, how about equalizing it so we can just play how we like?

Why make us go into OS or do leagues to earn monocrystals? Why not give us many ways to earn it with a max of 4 per day? (6-8 with license)
No obscenely boring tasks, no exclusive rank restricted missions, just play the @#$^ing game.


Just FYI I’m not paying or playing anymore, as I just spent $15 for an ENTIRE GAME and am enjoying it immensely, which is in sharp contrast to the huge slap in the face and kick in the balls I got for buying $40 of GS and thinking I could get anything reasonably priced with it

3 hours ago, Weylin29651 said:


with a max of 4 per day?


Uh, no. If anything, there needs to be no limit and players should be able to gain them in ANY gamemode regardless of ship type rank or synergy.



And agreed to everything else. Thinking of investing some cash moneys in another game just to get my mind away from Star Conflict. There’s no point in throwing more money at this game any more. I’d really love to so I can get all the cool new stuff, but what for? The nerfs, or the “next biggest thing” that comes out right after and costs twice as much?

This game went down the trash chute when “random” containers and “max rank” missions happened.

The reason I said a max of 4 mono a day, is that I assume they want the resource to be somewhat limited.
I see it as being a lot like the Dilithium crystals on Star Trek Online, where you can earn all that you want, but can only refine 8000 of it daily (or something)

It’s really just a time gating mechanic to make even the most dedicated players have to wait just as long as casual players to get the same stuff.
Is it good? Is it bad? I don’t truly know when it comes to F2P models.

I’ve said this in the past (fairly sure others have as well), but i wish they would make resources/ships/broker tasks more universal.

How i envision it is that each mode would have the same tasks, just different requirements to complete it (difficulty to complete would be similar of course). You could complete the task in any mode and once you’ve completed the task in 1 mode it would count the tasks in the other 2 modes as completed as well without actually giving the resources from those other 2 modes their tasks (this way of handling tasks would purely be so you can play how you want and participate in events and whatnot, not for having extra tasks/resources in each mode).

PS: I consider PvP, PvE and OS as the ‘‘main/general’’ modes, tournaments and SCL would still have their own unique rewards as it is the case now.