Joystick setup

Hello i don’t know if here is the place for this thread but can some one help me with Genius usb f-23 i can’t make it work 

Hello mate. Unfortunately you probably won’t get much help here.


While Star Conflict does have Joystick support (by popular request), the majority of pilots have discovered that it is vastly inferior to the mouse & keyboard setup. Namely because you can’t track interceptor targets as well with your turrets.


I would strongly suggest that you consider re-binding some keys to get a setup that suits you rather than wrestling with a Joystick that will only frustrate and limit your combat potential.

What does work?

What else do you want to it to work?

Hello Denishid,


As stated [here](< base_url >/index.php?/forum/88-controls/), joystick are not supported yet.