Joystick Not Working?? Help please! (4 of us same problem)

I just bought a Trustmaster Flight Stick but when I try to enable it the game it is recognized… a few buttons work like if I assign Horizontal or Vertical Strafe. The Speed option works when assigned to my thruster but that’s it! The controls do not work other wise. Will not recognize by “Fire” buttons or anything, I cant even control the ship other than to strafe and hit the thrusters! Can someone help me out or have any ideas as to why this isn’t working. Im super bummed, this is my first Flight Stick purchase and Ill be soooo excited for this game if this works!


Maybe if someone can help with a sample joystick profile (take a screen shot of your key bind settings) for the joystick. Or if you have ANY recommendations on why it will recognize my joysick (Says “USB Game Controllers” under the device list) but will not allow me to use it in game other than the thruster.


Please help!

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sorry I cant help on this, but maybe those ppl can

  1. Is your joystick comatible with Direct Input?

  2. Please, will make and attach screenshot with your control settings

I’ve had Star Conflict for a while, and I’ve used 2 other joysticks (an Xbox 360 wired controller and a Thrustmaster Hotas X) in the past, but when I decided to hook up my Xbox ONE controller (I have done this with countless other games with the help of a keyboard emulator), but when I try to set it up under the Joystick Settings on the Controller Settings menu, I can select the controller, but when I try to make any changes to the settings, it reads nothing as if the controller was not there.