Jimmy the Shark



  • Status: Pirate squadron commander
  • Age: 34 bio years
  • Origin: Etamine system
  • Character type: choleric
  • Character traits: very hot-tempered; suspicious towards rookies; hates federates and imperials.



Edward Henschel was born in 4587 into the family of an engineer working in the imperial shipyards. At an early age, he lost his father because of the Federation’s sabotage, and since then he has terribly hated the federates. Edward swore to destroy everyone who caused the death of the parent. Soon he learned to pilot a ship himself, but decided not to become a soldier. In his opinion, the Empire was guilty of his father’s death too, because the Emperor still didn’t give the order to eliminate the traitors. Later, Edward leaves the family and begins to plunge into the abyss of crime. In a few years, he will be known in pirate circles as Jimmy the Shark, and will give up his past name.


The Shark that always appears near a dying ship to get his profit, will furiously tear the federates and imperials to shreds. The reputation of the “military killer” allowed Jimmy to gather a small pirate squad around him, which he leads to this day. At some point, he manages to visit the “Black Aurora Flame” fort, where a young bandit takes an active part in testing the prototype of a new ship. Since then, Jimmy the Shark has never parted with the fighter named after him. Allegedly Jimmy is connected to the Privateers.