Jericho T5 vs Federation T5 ( Guard)

Hello people :012j: , I have come At the forum Today it would know which T5 GUARD Investing and What Is the Difference Between a guard RANK 14 of the federation and Jericho RANK15 . From: I do not usually go out wildly flying in the battle field , however the times then give Rapid advances not I Decide Between Jericho Sitting Duck and leukemic Hare federation :fed014: . Can anyone send me as much information as possible about them? :005j:

The inquisitor s recharges faster and has more health. It’s more of a true guard of sorts. Fed guard is squishier but still hard to kill if built right. Works better at guarding moving team as such. Has longer range mods.

Here are each of the top-tier Guards at full syn with nothing equipped and no crew bonuses, but at full syn. (and just minus 10 resistance on the shields, I have a shield booster equipped)

7688efa6d3.png b3e8dc8c64.png

The Inquisitor S is the more straightforward Guard. Lumber up to an area and soak damage with your massive shields. This Guard is best played in gamemodes that are mostly static; Combat Recon, Team Battle, and Beacon modes on where the map is small and the distance between two beacons is around 8km or less. (Given an 8k distance, and 20 second headstart, you could travel 4k towards the beacon and your Coils would be in range to splash any enemies that arrived sooner)

Here is the slot layout first with nothing equipped and my personal fitting. (Emphasis on the disclaimer on personal. There are lots of different things you can do with Guard)



And it’s final stats fully laiden (and with crews selected because a particular implant becomes vitally important later):

e387f9a8a9.png 9efc0749d4.png

This build emphasizes kinetic damage because at T5, most build for Thermal resistance. Coils are a balanced weapon for Jerry Guards and this ship is all about getting the most out of its missiles.


54 seconds for a full reload of missiles. For a point of reference, the Emergency Shield Boost takes 72 seconds to reload. So you could use all 3 volleys and your main shield boost in a skirmish and the missiles would be fully reloaded long before you could shield boost again. That’s 30k damage from missiles alone that should be available to spam at every encounter.

Defensively, this Guard is an all-rounder that relies on smart use of its Phase Shield. There’s enough resistance spread around to take token amounts of mixed damage without major gaps and enough resistance to completely laugh at incoming damage when properly shielded.

Special mention goes to facing off other ships with Coil Mortars. 1v1, your coils against theirs, you will win, even against another Guard. Why? The combination of the boosted kinetic resistance from the equipped Variative Shield Projector (76 points at Mk4!) and Neurocontroller “Armadillo”/Federation-1 implant that gives a 15% reduction to explosive damage.

Frigates receive an extra 25% damage from explosives (missiles and coil mortars) and that particular implant mitigates this weakness.

TL;DR for Inq S: missile and coil spam enemies and be smart with your shield. Keep things at medium range; 4k. Avoid having to travel more than 10k. And repeat on don’t be afraid to spam missiles.


And now for the T-rex Mk.II.

Here is its stats again, unladen and then full with a build:

b3e8dc8c64.png 6806d9d01a.png

094450b402.png 7d802fba49.png

Personally, Anything Federation, if the goal is to tank, is to do it with Adaptive Shields.

While I said before that most ships in T5 build Thermal resistance, Heavy Blasters still do enough raw damage when all the projectiles hit to not care. And since you will be moving at max speed all the time, Heavy Blaster works best closing in on targets or when doing a lot of maneuvering.

Playing this Guard looks simple, but there is a fair bit of nuance. That said, going in full ham can get a lot done. With 3x Mk.4 Adaptives, you have +126 on absolutely everything, shield and hull which is about 50% reduction on all incoming damage. But everything hinges on being at speed to maintain that resistance, Federation Guards are absolute tissue paper when stripped of their speed. Implants/Crews Federation-8 Armadillo II and Empire-14 Gigas III are your main means of breaking disables that slow you down.

With Tacklers, wait until they use their primary slow, Engine Suppressor to use your Shield Booster and activate your F8 implant. For ECM stuns like Energy Drain or a Tackler’s other slows, either focus fire on the source or seek cover and break line-of-sight. Even a big Federation frigate is fast enough to flee from unfavorable fight.

With the T-rex Mk.II, use the extended range of your role modules to chase down enemies and be a disruptive force by shoving yourself right in the face of your enemies, using your shields to soak a large amount of mixed fire. This ship is best on Beacon gametypes where you do a lot of moving around the map.

TL;DR: Shift+W to win. Don’t let things slow/stun you. You want to be in a Guard but find the Inq-S too slow/boring.

Apart from the good advice given already, I have to add that you should try the different types out in the earlier tiers as their faction traits are present there. Jericho = slower tankier guard, Fed = mobile guard. Try them both out and decide from there. I would say that the best earliest comparison of the 2 is between the Anaconda-M and the Crus S, both Rank 9 ships.

This is my Anaconda -M , my main ship 9 rank , I am building the Crus -S to observe the difference . On adaptatives shields , I’m afraid to use them to be very cautious and not use my full speed in most matches . The feeling of being able to strike quickly and flee also seems a positive point in the federation , however, is not something I do all the time . In the assessment above seems to me that the inquisitor has a large advantage over the T -REX , a very unfair wattage with this difference of 10,000 hull .

 My revulsion against the max speed is why he often hinder more than help when I need to stay in rotation behind an enemy. I’m still not sure if I should even change my entire hull defense already in the anaconda - mk for adapatives shields .

Below a picture of my build

The weapon is a purple heavy blaster