Jericho preview

So, with the release of the 0.6.0 patch, the final side of the conflict joins the battle - Jericho. In this article, the developers will discuss all the new things Jericho’s going to bring to the game, and also how the faction’s going to affect the existing balance.

Jericho ships are equipped with the most advanced examples of space ship engineering. Their shield generators are more advanced than those of all the other races, with the highest shield strength and regeneration speed. The downside is the relatively weak ship hulls. Since Jericho pilots are counting on their powerful shields in combat, they should look out for enemy ships dealing EMP damage.

Special Jericho modules confirm their reputation as the most technologically advanced race.

Jericho interceptors are equipped with “Metastable field generators.” Upon activation, an impenetrable energy field surrounds the ship. After a while it collapses, temporarily disabling enemy ships.

Jericho fighters are more suited for those, who love dueling. It’s all about their special module “Phase Shield” that can significantly increase the hull’s and the shield’s resistance to any type of damage, with the player choosing one damage type at a time. Therefore, when a lone enemy ship attacks, a Jericho fighter is able to adapt to the victim, making it very hard to penetrate its defences. It is worth mentioning that this is the only special module, that is always enabled!

A Jericho frigate pilot is becomes a torpedo operator upon launching “Guided torpedoes.” A “Guided torpedo” has the ability to fly around around various obstacles, fly straight to the target and detonate its powerful charge at the press of a button. However, while guiding the torpedo, the pilot completely loses control of the ship, making it virtually defenseless.

Imperial ships depend on their powerful armor in battle. On average, its strength exceeds the shield strength by about 80%. Therefore, Imperial ships should be equipped with the modules increasing the hull’s resistance to incoming damage. In this case, the shield can be seen as a buffer, giving additional survivability to the ship. Any ship’s armor is poorly protected against kinetic damage, so the kinetic damage dealing weapons are the most dangerous to Imperial ships…

If a player wants to be able to quickly travel to any point on the map or swiftly retreat from a fight, Imperial interceptors are the way to go, since they are equipped with a special “Mini-warp” module, which allows them to quickly “jump” over long distances.

Imperial fighters, using their special modules “Ship systems overdrive” are able to sharply increase their firing rate, speed and maneuverability, turning into true “space berserkers.” ANd if they find themselves in a tight spot, they can use this module for a chance to retreat.

Imperial frigates are equipped with disintegrators. This is a long-range precision weapon that allows to damage the enemies at a distance up to 12 km. Therefore, frigates of the Empire are an excellent choice for snipers who prefer striking their targets at great distances, while remaining in relative safety.

Federation ships have less protection, but more speed. That’s why their combat tactics are based on maneuvering and evasion. Federation interceptors can hide behind the shields of other ships, including the shields of enemy ships.

You can get the upper hand in battles with the Federation ships by using the modules which slow down the enemy ships.

Federation interceptors suit players who prefer to use interceptors as attacking ships. Their ability to fairly easily evade return fire is perfectly complemented by a special module “Plasma web” that deals damage to the enemy, while staying out of his reach.

Through an “ODG Chameleon” module, a Federation fighter may dictate the flow of the battle: it may sneak up on the enemy from the rear or break away from a fight they’re losing.

Federation engineers made their frigates almost as fast as other factions’ fighters. Accordingly, the preferred operational use of the Federation frigates is direct support for the allies on the battlefield. Their special module contributes to this as wll - they have combat drones that can fire at enemy ships, partly compensating for the difficulties in covering the frigates’s dead zones.

Thus, we try to provide a wide variety of tactical opportunities in Star Conflict to make piloting different ships under various factions fit your individual playing style.

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