Jericho observer, Orlando Ector

The center presents the personal file of the Jericho observer, Orlando Ector. One of the most mysterious employees. 
His coworkers admit that he is a man of action and all of them know that wasting his time never ends well. 
Be highly precautious while dealing with him because you never know what hidden motives are behind his actions.



So basically the result of HAL-9000, GLaDOS and Skynet having a baby with the worst man on earth.

what a lovely mix indeed)

what a lovely mix indeed)

GLaDOS seems to have adored Skynet a lil too much.

Perhaps that resulted in Cybers?


He’s a distant relative of Will Ferrell.

He is just the usual aristocratic xxxx, but with metal implants. Nothing new…

Did you mean “psionic family Mendes”?


Also, are you implying there are psychics in Star Conflict?

He’s a distant relative of Will Ferrell.