Jericho LRFs get disconnected from PvM when using Torpedo & EM Scatter

Bug background :

Long Range Frigate, Jericho class.

Module installed, EM Scatter, any module slot.

Missile Bay uses Mines.

PvM Missions.


Enter a PvM with a Jericho LFR equipped with the Guided Torpedo special module.

Do not move the LFR once the ships rests from teleports into the battlefield.

Activate the EM Scatter so you are off radars.

Drop mine field around the ship to protect it from those that come to close.

Shoot the torpedo at mission targets to destroy them.


After the inactivity timer expires you will be ejected from the ongoing battle due to nonparticipation in the battle even though you are killing targets with the torpedoes.   


You can return to the battle (maybe) if your ship is being defended by others or your shields/hull can withstand the trauma of attacks while you are fussing around trying to return to the battlefield.



** Bug.

The inactivity timer that reviews if a user is active in a battle is not looking at torpedo activity as a feature of battle action.


The EM Scatter by its nature is to hide from radar when active and NOT moving.  

If a ship moves, the EM Scatter is canceled and the ship reappears on radars.


So, if you park and activate EM Scatter and kill targets with guided torpedos, you will be ejected from the battle for not participating. The Timer is looking at the movement of a ship as the actions of the user in combat.   Guided Torpedos require action of the user to steer them.  This action should count as activity on the battlefield not just if the user moves the LFR around the map. 


If the ship moves, EM Scatter is useless.   If the ship parks and uses EM Scatter to hide and shoot the user is useless in battle and ejected for not moving the ship.


The work around at the moment is to move the LRF around the map.  But in doing so the LRF is exposed to fire and must reveal its position to the radars due to the canceled EM Scatter.  The user must wait for the EM Scatter to expire and reset again before the newly parked position can be hidden from radars.  If the user sits too long again at the new location and the Mission is still ongoing, the user will be ejected from battle.  I was once ejected 3 times from a PvM in this manor even though I was moving the ship at times.  


The bug is letting a LRF sit and shoot at targets from far off while hiding from radars.   Which is its very nature

The use of torpedoes and EM Scatter module to hide the huge LRF ship…together…are not qualifying the user as being an active participant in the PvM.



and logs where? 


[How to create bug report](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25328-how-to-create-bug-reports/)

If you will make rotation between torpedos launch, you will not kicked from battle.

wait…so basicly if I line up my target and fire…I then have to rotate out of alignment and re-target again to avoid being ejected from the battle field? 


The best Mission for this is CRIMSON HAZE.    

Torpedos can strike the first base from initial battlefield teleport in and the base requires 6 or more torpedo if no one else is assisting in base destruction.


From the initial slowdown of the teleport, the ship will move, but once it comes to rest one can torpedo the base without ever moving the LRF.  If the base destruction takes longer then then the Battle_Inactivity_Timer (if the LRF is the only one striking the base) then the user is ejected from the battlefield.


Rotating or moving is a poor method of “fixing” a bug.   Sure, its a temporary work around until logic repaired but a bug exists with the Timer, not the Users and not the Modules.   If a user is firing torpedoes that could action should count as a reset to the Inactivity Timer just as well as movement or rotation does.  The user is active and in position for a kill.  Why do they have to give up the kill shot just to stay in battle?

Inactive timer cleared, if your ship do any movement: forward/rear, vertical/horisontal straif or rotation about any axis.

You have several seconds between torpedos launch for make simple movement.

This issue isn’t critical.