Jericho LRF Colors

The Templar and the Ira Deus have been having incorrect colors since a few patches ago; anyone else seeing this?

‘A few’ is a severe understatement, methinks. 

Its known and it wasn’t changed I assume for some reason it will be this way. They look better tho.

I have a problem related to this it seems. I recently acquired Ira Deus, played with it quite a lot, and ended up customizing its colors. Last few days I was playing with my friends at T1 and T2, and just a moment ago was going to continue with T3 stuff on my own, and dug up Ira Deus again only to notice that the two colors I had customized had changed places. Apparently some indexes were wrong for a while and were fixed in the latest patch, effectively messing up my color scheme.


Anything I can do to get this fixed, compensated, or whatever? Support page atleast doesn’t have anything but a prompt to post here on the bug report section.

Send in a support ticket? 

Yeah, sent a support ticket now. I guess I was just too sleepy to notice where to do that last time.