Jericho Guided Missile Poll

This thread’s for some brainstorming on the Jericho Guided Missile.


I’ve played Jericho frigates a fair amount, and - especially after the last patch - Jericho Guided Missiles strike me as rather… ineffective. Better at teamkilling than actually taking out enemy players.


Personally, I haven’t found it to be too bad in Tier 2 gameplay, it’s not great, but it’s not bad. However, in T3 you might as well not even have an ability - all frigates can mount missile defenses starting at this tier, and it really kills the effectiveness of the guided missile; the few times you do try and use it, the thing gets taken out with rapidity. I’m actually downright shocked if I fire my missile at a pair of frigates and it isn’t shot down. This is even before we get into people using flares.


A good 90% of my kills with the guided missile in Tier 3 are from actually just exploding it on myself immediately after launch, in order to kill a weakened fighter/interceptor buzzing around me. It’s too slow to effectively catch up with a target, it’s jammed by flares, and it’s easily taken out by anti-missile systems - which are ubiquitous.


So to that end, I’ve put together a list of potential changes and adjustments that could be made to the guided missiles to make them more useful, without necessarily making them more powerful.



  • Allow the missile to deal different types of damage, preselected in the hangar and unswitchable in-game

  • Increase the missile speed and maneuverability by 40%

  • Require two anti-missile system hits at T3+ to kill a guided missile

  • Increased damage on an enemy with a direct hit

  • Alternative deployment options when F is pressed

  - Deployable minefield

  - Area of Effect stuns or other crowd-control bursts

  - Area of Effect heals for all ships caught in the blast

  - Splitting the guided missile into 5+ non-player controlled missiles (Like the octopus missile) that go after the locked target

  - Teleportation beacon

  - Deployable cover

  - Reduced resists for all ships caught in the blast

  • Increase overall missile damage


Even just one change would go a long way to improving the Jericho Guided Missiles.

While I support your constructive thread, most your ideas are I-win buttons.

Special ability is not meant to be main weapon, but additional support while your ship moves forward to assist team. If you sit near back and just torp, you are just camping and are not being effective.

True, I fly fed frigates and i am more efective charging the frontline then a camper firing torpedos from rear, killing team players and helping in nothing.


Torpedos are only a suport wepon to some situations, not a main weapon.

…Over half the things I listed are support abilities.

Honestly man, all I see are I-win buttons. Not biased as i think those torps are really useful, and they have their place, but NOT as the go to weapon for Jericho frigs.

if you are lucky you can get the missile shield in t2 (it’s a military item, loot only. i have a couple of them and i always have one on my t2 frigs)

Its  huge time investment to guide a missile in compared to a Disintegrator. 


I loved the Jericho Frigates in T1 but I wouldn’t go back as it is.  


More maneouvrability and somehow dodging IR Flares would be nice?

It feels unwieldy.  

If any force should have the tech to mitigate anti-missile measures it should be the Techs.  

I believe the worst problem with Jericho missiles is that at least in T2 most of players dont really care if they hit teammate(s) as long as they could hit some enemy. I’v been hit by my team jericho frigate missiles contless times, and few times even killed, so as long as my teammates can kill me I really dont think, that encouraging to use them even more is a wise choice.

Id simply like to see the t2-1 implant work again with it, allows for more diversity (always good)


Tho on the same hand some implant should work for the other 2 frigs specials

If it had any combination of them what so ever no other frig would be selected and/or needed ever again.  

This poll predates the last patch where they have become far more popular.  

What? This poll was done just after the latest patch, when Jericho frigate missiles were nerfed hard.

Jericho torpedo is fine in T3 and up. We need AMS added to tutorial levels (T1 and T2) to balance it.

Most of QQ post are the blame for most of nerfs in this game. if u are interceptor u have low hp, ur agile , u can bring down easy a frigate 1 vs 1… but us far as i know they will be constant nerfs.  Many times i have to detonate the torpedo … to defend my self.  the torpedo it is not OP  … it is rubbish now…  only use of Jericho frigates it is in scenario mission…

the last q of the poll you force a give it buffs option… seems a tad biased LOL i would give the missile nothing give the poll an option to add nothing.