Jericho guardian, Victor De Torro

The center presents the personal file of the Jericho guardian, Victor De Torro. 

He has devoted the whole life to serving Jericho.

His loyalty is unquestionable and he is sure that indecisive people deserve nothing but contempt.



Love these, keep them up.


“physical elimination of unwanted persons” Persons should be people. :stuck_out_tongue: Also that is scary lol.

cyborgs :smiley:

Beware! Beware of cyborgs!

Accessing classified records of StarGem Inc. development team.

Accessing Victor De Torro file…

True profile uploaded…

Access complete!


Looks like a Vampire and one ugly m*therfuck*r.

Do not like him at all.

20% of his body means, that only his head is intact. xD




  • Cyborg - a man of steel, probably balls of steel as well (more girls for non-Cyborgs)

  • No eating, digestion and excretion (lower maintenance costs - more food for everyone)

  • No sleeping (no pillows and bed needed)

  • an Off switch - (can always shut it down)

  • Cleaning is simple (Just drop a bucket of hot or cold water over him - he won’t know!)





  • Would not shake his hand, to avoid permanent injury

  • Runs on fuel/energy cells (smell is horrible, plus it leaks, because of obsolete implants, like a Swiss cheese)

  • Too heavy (crushes bones, so no Cyborgs on non-Cyborgs sex relations)

  • Metal is noisy (you can hear him half a block away)

  • Annoying Prick (screams or shrieks, when enraged - carry earplugs, when in contact with him to avoid a permanent ear injury)

Sounds like a mean, cybernetic version of me~

I bet he hates magnets.

I bet he hates magnets.



“How does that grab you?” - James Bond


“How does that grab you?” - James Bond

Damn it. My teeth!

someone should throw a few rare earth magnet pellets into his office chair.