Jericho Destroyer Tyrant 3D model


Jericho Destroyer Tyrant by Star Conflict on Sketchfab

Class : Suppressor Class Destroyer
Allegiance : Jericho
Rank :14

The first Jericho destroyer, Tyrant was created in XLII century, shortly before the third Bartle sector war. It was created under the watchful eye of the Oracles to oppose the imperial Invincible. The powerful Tyrant was used in conjunction with low-tonnage vessels during raids on undefended colonies deep in the rear of the former ‘Direktorium’. Despite the age of the destroyer, most of its parameters are up to modern standards, and in some ways even surpass them.

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Gotta wait until tomorrow to build it… ![:004_2:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/004_2.png “:004_2:”)

Sadly i missed one day. I’ll be 5 activators short even after buying 7 crates. Cuz i only got 5 from the assured buy x5 get 5. Without counting the lame 14 electrums from 7 crates…seriously. that like 1hr of pve farming or 5mins if you get an enriched right of the bat. Anyway nice looking toy, that Tyrant is.

Why are there chandelier in the cockpit?

12 minutes ago, Foxtrot39 said:

Why are there chandelier in the cockpit?

Because, reasons.