Jaguar in OS

Still a rookie, so i feel i need to ask: how do you use a Jag in OS? For pirates, for escorts (lol), for pvp?

Can someone share a config for high speed please? Close to 700m/s if possible, or some boosts to warp?


BTW, now i’m level 13, that means if i build it i can’t fly it?


Jaguar is generally used as a hit and run ship, being a secret project ship, the combinations you can use on passive slots are quite immense if you go the meta way but generally players focus on maneuvering and speed with the short cloak as the special module. Whatever you choose is going to be alright, you will refit it numerous times anyway to fit your play style.

Cool, thanks for the details. Looks nice and I hope it’s able to reach 700m/s constantly. After some upgrades, of course.


18 hours ago, DaCookiez said:

Cool, thanks for the details. Looks nice and I hope it’s able to reach 700m/s constantly. After some upgrades, of course.


The easiest way to get any Federation fighter up to 700m/s is with the “cruise engine modification” which can be found in several sectors at different ranks. If it doesn’t get you to 700m/s it will get you close enough that one or two other modifiers will get you there easily.

For open space, the Jaguar is best suited, as Orca said, for hit and run tactics. My favorite method is utilizing the 7 second cloak to approach the target, using target painter on them and dropping a doomsday missile very close to them to maximize its chance of hitting. This, paired with some follow-up swoops with the main weapon and/or drone fire will wipe out most enemy ships in OS.

The problem here arises when you are trying to back off the enemy after your bombing run. Usually dropping drones and having target painter on drains your energy very quickly and disallows use of the afterburners because of the massive initial start-up consumption. This can leave you stranded next to an angry enemy if you aren’t carefully watching your energy reserves.


If you are able to build the ship, you are able to fly it. Unless there is an update that restricts this, like for the Thar’Ga. Xp

Or, spend your resources on Jericho’s Singularity fighter. Infinite, damage resistant cloak is perfect for open space exploration. And a single cruise engine is enough to get the ship to 700m/s. Add high durability shields and you have the perfect open space ship.

Thanks guys, food for thought. That 45sec. cloak on Sing. is priceless.

But I think you have to reach level 16 or 17 in order to access the contests/pve (?) which gives the needed components.

Or, you pay 500gs * 9 = 4.500 for them… I hope my math is ok…

Oh yeah, the Long Descent allows you to stay invisible forever, damage won’t reveal you but micro-locators will, not only that but you have very slow shield regeneration and increased module cooldown time, hull regen is not affected so equipping a Regenerative Coating is useful, but risky against burst damage, as for crafting you only need the regular materials for the other SPs, it’s just that the cabin needs the composite panels, and the blueprints come from crates, or trade for a total of 1500 GS, it’s best to take your time since you will also need to farm the modules from OS, free of charge but also time consuming if not lucky.

1 hour ago, xXThunderFlameXx said:

very slow shield regeneration

It applies only to innate shield regen, which lets be honest isn’t great on pretty much all non-destroyer ships. The normal Shield Booster module can still work. Activate the regen module then hit cloak, shield would still be going up