I've got a problem here..

So every time I enter a battle/undock into open space, this is what I get, not only that but my frame rate drops to like, one per second and I lose control of my ship. This is temporary and it lasts at most 2 minutes but it has resulted in my ship being blown up several times and is quite annoying. Any ideas?






Idk what this is but I’d love to have it as a “trippy mode”.

Tbh it looks like your GPU is sh*tting itself over something. May want to check for heat damage or shorts. Might also be a damaged bit of memory on there judging by the selective loss of textures.


Also maybe post graphics logs if ye can.

ohOoh it’s very psychedelic : ) but not funny anyway

Your GPU is really high, looks like a good idea for a custom game

Most probably, your GPU was damaged