issues with the new versus AI mode.

so I have been playing the new AI for 2 hours now and here is my observations and potential concerns I have regarding the new mode.

1- the mode overall very easy to win and the AI ships are not really that smart.

2- achievements that use to be really hard to achieve in PvP mode are now very easy to achieve which defeats the purpose of having such a hard to get achievements in PvP where when u kill 10 ships with the same fighter achievement is very rewarding. I’m concerned that its now to easy  to get those achievements. 

3- this mode is synergy/upgrading fleet strength ships gold mine, because its so easy to win it and destroy AI ships it’s very easy to gain synergy now.

4- loyalty vouchers are now way easier to achieve as well since its easier to just kill AI ships in battles and complete the assignment.

from a player point of view this is a great mode, but long term wise it’s not a very good idea unless it’s just done for a short while to test things out until balance is worked on.



I’m not sure if this mode is meant to be permanent, if it’s only meant to be on this weakend to ease off the progress of pilots for a few days then this would be awesome and a genius idea to get players back in the game again. but if it’s a permanent mode then IMHO it will steal the light from PvP and PvE since all players will find it way easier to just harvest synergy and credits out of this mode than other modes.

To solve this problem:


  • add FULLY SYNERGIZED bot ships

  • add Mark 4/Mark5 (best equipment on them)

  • bots should be equipped with all implants they can use

  • improved AI mechanics (accuracy)

Give all bots destroyers

Give all bots destroyers

Nah, Dreadnoughts instead

Or just take the level down by a bit. I agree to most of the suggested changes, but for this mode to reach its full potential without being either completely impossible or completely too easy, I’d change:

-Max synergy on all AI ships.

-75% synergy from kills compared to PvP

-75% credits compared to PvP

-Randomized Mk# equipment.

How about no pvp achievements and titles to be done in ai mode? Juggernaut title is practically useless now, enjoyed using it while it lasted though  :01414:

If you are the only destro in the match you can easily get that and maniac by camping their spawn. The only thing that makes the mode moderately more difficult is getting kills before your team steals them, because the enemies have like 8 seconds of invincibility.

I think it’s a good mode to have. Getting to see lots of maps I haven’t seen yet, I always quit pvp queue after 5 mins. Also helps prepare newer pilots to understand the different pvp modes and how they are played.

That being said… It really needs to be more challenging. The only time I’ve got close to dying is when I made a suicide nuke run into the entire AI team. I think the ships should gradually increase in strength depending on the tiers being played.

Tier 1(1-3) : Synergy 1 with basic weapons and mods.

Tier 2(4-6) : Synergy 3 with green weapons and mods.

Tier 3(7-9) : Synergy 5 with blue weapons and green mods

Tier 4(10-12) : Synergy 7 with purple weapons and blue mods

Tier 5(13-15) : Max synergy with gold weapons and mods(purple if they don’t exist)

Something like that probably could work but I noticed the mode is only for ranks 1-9 now so it will need some adjustments. But I think improving the AI ships and weaponry is a good approach to add more difficulty.