Issues with Station Protection - Protected targets are able to deal damage to neutral targets!

Bug report:



Tai’Kin in Open Space - Federation sector - Ellydium Base. Targets with station protection enabled (blue color), were able to damage me, as I had no station protection, including destroyer turrets.


Logs: (Check Federation Sector - Ellydium Base in Open Space, last entry.)

[2017.10.16](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=15448)


Screenshot: I became criminal when I killed a ship with Station protection, after I got hit by Recon’s bubble gun splash damage - Thar’Ok beamer 15.



16 hours ago, Koromac said:

blue color

Color isn’t a indicator of Station Protection enabled



still this bug ?

On 17/10/2017 at 8:42 AM, Skula1975 said:

Color isn’t a indicator of Station Protection enabled

yeaa, you can be blue and be orange in fact, or red and be blue, or orange and be red, or blue, or dead… logic : ))

I had the same bug, but it was a bit different.

I was under station protection and at one moment i became aggressor, and then criminal.


I have a video of this action just here (i became aggressor at 1:34)




yes its weird a bit - especially with the drones of my frigate:engineer, they fire at random targets in sight and I got criminal/aggressor status

I which i could activate/deactivate drone attacks (switch for heal like the drone mechanic of the Emp Phoenix engineer frigate)

I just stopped using my destroyer. Each time i go in open space with the “new formula” of this mod i get destroyed by this bug, it’s just impossible to play.


First time i turned agressor with no reason, it was “Oh what the hell?” while i was under station protection. But now i see random people exploiting this bug, each time they see me shot with pyro or the AE weapon, they jump in the fire and i turn red, so they can destroy me.


But the worst is today. I saw a Falcon attacking a transport for a mission, i shot only once at the transport to avoid friendly fire issues and it seemed just fine, but when he rushed on me after the mission complete, i saw my EM turret shot a bolt on him. We both stayed blue, no agressor status or nothing, i thought “Ok he will go away and all will be fine”. The fact his he did not, he just get in my back, shot a salvo of the ridiculous paytowin rigorist blaster and then plasma arc on me and i got destroyed in 1 second without anychance to fight, while BOTH WERE BLUE. 


This game is more and more a paytowin, with insanely ridiculous weapons and ships with each patch, balancing is inexistant and now there are a tons of bugs that aren’t fixed at all. What’s the problem? There is already almost only russian playing SC, do they want to have the game just die? I stopped buying anything already cause translations are horrible, bug really a pain, and what is the point to buy a ship when it can become “s***” in the next patch to sell another that is better. Really need to bring quality back to this game if devs don’t want to crash in the space wall they are building.