issue with the contracts

Bug report:


Normal Situation:

If you press Launch to start the Matchmaker for any PvP/PvE/League match, finished contracts autocomplete, unless if you check them by yourself first.


What happened?

Yellow exclamation marks for all completed contracts should disappear, but they are still there, if you start MM queue and then try to finish already completed contracts.


Description of the bug?

Already completed contracts give you an error message, since they have been already completed, but they are still shown there. However, I am not sure, if this is related to squad/wing group in any way.

Here is the screenshot of the shown error message.


Steps to replicate this bug:


1.) Do some missions, which complete some contracts/assignments.

2.) DO NOT manually check the contracts!

3.) Start another match and ONLY THEN try to mark/select already completed contracts, which are still shown, while you’re waiting in a MM queue, so that you will get an error message. (BUG)


My conclusion: This happens, because the contracts have been already completed, but then at least yellow exclamation mark should disappear and it doesn’t.




May be wrong network/internet connection. Is it repeated again?

May be wrong network/internet connection. Is it repeated again?

It isn’t and it happens not 100% of the time!

All people have the same issue!

Also, try to invite someone and do it in a group of at least 2 people, like PvE mission, just to be sure.