Isotope harvester turret doesn't move after first shot.

What’s wrong:

Isotope harvester is a turret weapon and it shoots where the turret is pointing at. It follows player’s aim. Today update however introduced a bug. After using it turret stops moving at all for the rest of battle and it means that player has to tilt entire ship to shoot where he/she wants to shoot to even use this module. It’s definitely a bug.


How it was tested:

I played two PvE battles, it happened both times. I went to Open Space, used the turret and it was the same situation. It seems that it’s 100% reproducible in any gamemode.


How it should be fixed:

Turret should always move freely like it was before the newest update.


I’m attaching screenshot showing isotope harvester turret in wrong position. I’m ready to give more information if needed.



This bug affects couple of other turrets as well, we’ll probably get a fix soon

I have the same problem … but thx for telling me that its the last direction you fire  … now i can at least control it to some degree until they fix it