Is this kind of my playstyle?

I saw some youtubers use their recons and ecms as a pure fighter.

They play very aggressively, don’t give them a single kill and tear enemies down…


I tried to follow some of their builds but

just a lot of dying and having a hard time getting a single kill.


When I go back to my own build, I get a medium amount of assist ( About 7.62 per game average) and little amount of kill, but feel easy to use somehow.


I really envy those youtubers mentioned above, but struggle to follow their tactics, and feel kind of despair…


So should I try to follow their tactics or just stick to my tactic?





Stick to and develop your own. You can learn from their builds sometimes, but typically they are what we like to call “efficiency wh***s”. Their concern isn’t the goal or teamwork, but simply annihilating any red dot on the screen before someone else can.

It looks great in a video but really isn’t all that impressive once you see it in battle.


Just keep learning how YOU play and what you are best at and you’ll be up there with the greats in no time at all.



I actually used to be one of those interceptor fighters. I wasn’t super great at it but they were really fun to fly. Lately though I’ve been building up my skills in an engineer and that is turning out much more satisfying than just getting kills and capping beacons. It’s even better when you can get kills and cap beacons too, but I’m not quite there yet. ^^;

This is some my shameful stats here with overall, and my ECM ship…

So may I stick with current build of my ECM ship?






There are rare builds that require a completely different playstyle approach, but im with fox on this one, nothing will come by copy-pasta builds if its not suited to your “skills”, whatever they may be. Experimenting with all sorts of roles helps you decide which playstyle suits you better.