is this game made in Russia?

I read that it is made by Star Gem, based in Virginia, but formed by Gaijin (from Russia). I see no credits for this game though


I’m just wondering because right now, all I’m playing is War Thunder, this and World of Tanks 360. Everything I like seems to be connected to a Russian game company, one way or another. 



Think it is a bit complicated. i also know russia and usa are in game, but dont know who works for who.

All i know for is that STARGEM is the developer company and Gaijin is the publisher / advertising company.

well, i read that Star Gem was formed by Gaijin to begin with

Dev studio is somewhere in Russia. Can’t remember where it is exactly. Devs are (afaik) all russians and frequent russian forums.

The Developers are indeed in Russia.

StarGem wasn’t formed by Gaijin.

Gaijin is Russian publisher and StarGem is formed by Russian developers from Targem games studio.


So, you can say that Star Conflict is made by Russian developers.