Is this a bot?


Looks like someone testing where the walls are.

How can you reliably determine which players are bots, anyway?


I have tried to private message players to test them. If they’re offline I assume they’re bots.


I was told bots are “named” after real players, but they seem to have all the stats of the real player. The only thing that I noticed that seems off is their clearance level is 1 inspite of joining in 2014 and having enough game time to be well beyond that…


Why are they trying to disguise the bots anyway? Is it not relevant that in the battle I just dominated, I was the only human player?

Ships of bots are always synergy lvl 1 even if its a premium ship.

He’s not talking about the AIs, those are a different thing, in this case it’s about a player using a script to perform simple actions that prevents them from being booted from a game for inactivity, usually done for AFK farming, but in this video the movement is too complex for a simple script, usually it’s just moving forward, firing a bunch and strafing in a single direction, in this case it was probably them just testing the map borders.


I doubt it would even be a recorded pattern, especially since spawn locations are dynamic and it’s too much effort to record multiple scenarios and apply them depending on where you spawn, not in a mode which virtually gives no rewards.