Is there an professional yet relaxed corp?



I am a medium experienced player, having some T5 Ships, one purple, with a rating of about 7000.


While my Corp is very nice, it lacks any real competence in terms of T5 High End Play.


I want to learn some new tricks from people who really get into the game, yet i am very reluctant to join “Elite”-Corps like ESB or Nasa, since i believe they are just a bit too strict in terms of always using TS and being active and aditionally i do not fullfill all their high requirements.


So if you are a relaxed Corp who wants to teach somebody who is willing to listen, i would appreciate an invitation.






Hey man. My corp, RadiX, is fairly competitive. We require that you have dolby axon, but theres no activity requirement for it. We target the 8k skill rating range, but will take skilled players even if they have low srs. We are mainly EU but have u.s. players, russian players, and even a brazilian dude, and a guy from china. Our corp has people from a bunch of countries. I am proud to say that we have 0 jerks in the corp and I have yet to hear any of our members fight. I will check out your profile and see if you are good enough. We dont take Aces and all but 2 of our members are t5 with only one not being t4. Good luck!

–ArcTic, CEO of RadiX

try NASA (USA) or WPK (EUROPE) depending on your timezone. both relaxed but also competitive corps that have english as main language

Or DOW (International)


I like FINN also.


and alex don’t lie! We have lots of EU pilots!

Galactic Arc plays in T5 (Also canadian)

[Corporation link](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/21384-galactic-arc-garc-canadianempire/page-2#entry273824)

He joined da awesomest corp ever. RadiX. :) 


Welcome to RadiX Erik!

Thank you!


Thanks to the other offers as well, i will try with RadiX though.

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That’s JP’s thing. Don’t make it ArcTic’s, please.

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Good to see radix getting more members, good fight!

Since you found a corp, good luck and have fun.