Is my name offensive ?

I don’t think it is, But it was changed for being so…

Well considering some player names i’ve been seing like Rapist, Yourmum or something along these lines i’d say your nickname is pretty harmless… 

The GMs seem to have very weird sense of what is offensive and what is not.

It depends on who is reading it , i see no harm in this nick. But a christ would probably feel not so good. But which side you want to ask to be tolerant first ? Both have their right to be part of this community.

But they give us a vote chance , so we will see :slight_smile:

I am not a “Satanic” i simply like the name as it was randomly generated for me a year ago on another game :slight_smile:

Probably bible thumpers at work here

This has been checked and the name will not be reseted again.