Is it possible to adjust contorls over modules on this mouse?

I am going to buy a gaming mouse. Cheap. My goal is to use its many buttons for different modules. I want to use buttons on mouse sides or in the middle to heal my hull or cancel targeting.
However, the manucturer says this mouse’s buttons are not programmable. Will I be able to assign those additional mouse buttons to perform what I want? For healing, restoring shiled, i.e. using different modules? For example, i would reassign that red button to healing hull, and those up-down arrows to targeting functions, or some modules. Maybe I would need some software to make the buttons on this mouse work as I want?
Here is the model: Trust GTX 130 Gaming mouse. I chose exactly this mouse because it is cheap, has no negative reviews, wireless. Also it has those buttons in the places where I want them. 
PS please, don’t start on the cords, I know what you will say about the response time and so on. Don’t. The question is about assigning control functions to the buttons of exactly this model.
PSS If I had money or possibility, I would buy some Logitech or other classic models, but I am poor. So I am interested in exactly this model. In my country there are no similar mice for the same price with the similar quality.
PSS of course I would choose another mouse, but it’s about money. And no, I cannot save.
Thank you for your replies!