Is 700kb/s upload too slow for this game?

I’ve been recently getting more no-response lag out during large battles. It only seems to happen when there are a lot of players, such as 12 per team that are common these days.


I currently have 700kb/s upload speed, but I don’t know how to check whether this game requires more, or if more would help at all.


I’ve tried the game on 2 PC’s, so can probably rule out the Pc or WiFi dongle as an issue. Changing WiFi channels or TcpAckFrequency hasn’t Really done much :slight_smile:

Haha yea I got the same issue, really frustrating when it happen right before you are about to shoot

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Here too, but mostly from EU on Russian servers in PvP 12 ppl.

Lately was playing SC leagues with ping of 430 ms to Asian server …

If the game is correct coded, uploadspeeds of <100kb/s are enough.
You upload normally only a very minor pack of data, but get a lot of data to load(more or less).
Wifi itself could be a problem, but then it would happen mostly independing on the number of players.

Try cable and see if it changes anything.

I’m on cable but it still do happen

Check the usual stuff if modem is wacky and stuff.

I have 1m upload and its fine

this game needs single kilobytes per second… 

1 hour ago, ORCA1911 said:

Check the usual stuff if modem is wacky and stuff.


5 hours ago, ORCA1911 said:

Try cable and see if it changes anything.

Orca: glitches are clearly SC server related since 1.4.x patches…

I have perfect cable and router and OS (Linux)  here…


Imho the question “700kb/s upload” (via wireless) is not touching his problem easiest things coming to mind were packet loss, dns server probs, QoS, line usage, server overload, etc, not his upload rate…

Hey, im just going through the most common things i had issues with and now dont.