Iridium Wars


Tournament "Iridium wars"

  • New huge location!
  • "Team Deathmatch" mode!
  • Two weight classes!
  • Main prize - new pirate frigate Jericho!
    Registration for the international team tournament “Iridium Wars” has opened! For the first time, competitions of this level will be held in a specially sector, based on the player’s competitive work!

[Registration](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22858-iridium-wars-registration/)      [Searching for a team](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22859-iridium-wars-search-for-a-team/)

Tournament table( Updated! )

Life Stream!( Updated! )

Life Stream 2!( Updated! )

The deadline for the registration is on 18:00 (UTC+4), April 18th (Friday). All information about the tournament can be found here.
Tournament date & time:  14:00 (UTC+4), April 19 (Saturday).
Participation: every group of pilots is allowed to participate as long as you sign up during the registration time. The group should consist of 8 pilots and each player should have T3 ships (each player is allowed to take only three ships into battle). There can be up to 4 reserve players*.
All participating teams are divided into two weight classes:
-Heavy weight   (Team ELO above 1500) **
-Average weight (Team ELO below 1500) **
Terms:  after the end of the registration period all registered teams will be randomly arranged in a grid tournament. The grid-type is Double Elimination. Each round consists of three battles in the game mode “Team battle” on the map “Iridium Strand”. “Friendly Fire” is enabled. The team that first achieves 2 victories will proceed to the next round. Battles take place in the presence of a game master on each side.
Limitations:  holiday rockets and other missiles which are not purchasable in the hangar at the start of the tournament are forbidden!
Best of the best get:
I Place: 10 000 Galactic Standards + 30 days of Premium + pirate frigate Jericho (Rank 9)!
II ** Place : 5 000 Galactic Standards + 15 days of Premium
Place : 3 000 Galactic Standards + 7 days of Premium
Incentive prizes
IV Place** :
1 000 Galactic Standards + 1 day of Premium
V Place** :** 1 000 Galactic Standards + 1 day of Premium
* Start time of each level will be moved in agreement with the players registered for the appropriate level of the tournament.
**Team ELO is calculated by the average ELO rating of all team members
** For each player of the winning team.
If you have difficulties with the registration, please inform me or Error personally within the time given for registration. Applications submitted after deadline will not be considered. Disputes are treated privately. Discussion and streamers’ activity in this [topic](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22860-iridium-wars-stream-and-discussion/).

[Registration](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22858-iridium-wars-registration/)      [Searching for a team](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22859-iridium-wars-search-for-a-team/)

Good luck!  fed002.png