Iridium Wars (Results)

Results of the tournament "Iridium Wars"
International tournament “Iridium Wars” is over!
The winners will receive well-deserved awards and the new “BloodTormentor”!
Total number of participating teams in the tournament was 16! The teams were divided into two groups: Heavy and Medium weight.
The Middleweight group included teams with less than 1500 ELO rating. Average rating of the pilots varies between 1200-1400.
The Heavyweight group included teams with rating over 1500. The rating of those pilots varies between 1600 and 1900 and some pilots even exeed 2000!
So, meet the champions!
1 place - Evil Space Pandas
2 place - Bygyrd 3TN
3 place - ESB-Union
1 place - Still Alive
2 place - Кайфат
3 place - NASA


Everybody can see the best fights in the records:


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Congratulate to the winners and thank all participants for the great fights!



Rewarding on Monday.

Special thanks to our tournament streamers - Abdulov, D6Ka and XofJSA!