IR pulsar lock-on

I saw some people discussing IR pulsar on another thread, and I remembered a question I meant to ask some time ago:

Do you have to be locked onto the LRF to be IR pulsared by it, or does it sometimes work without you being locked on, for example when you come within a certain radius. According to the description of the module and my experiences of playing LRF myself, it seems to work only with lock-on, however sometimes when I play t3 PVP I get very surprised after losing my lock-on for 30 seconds, even though I was sure I was not locked onto an LRF.

It’s hard to know exactly what happened in the heat of a big battle…

You have to be locked on the LRF

Tooltip helps:




I never experienced that my lock system just shut down, just when i lock on nub LRFs or being attacked by covert ops.

CovOps can jam your lock as well. That may be what happened. For an LRF to break lock with IR, you must first be locked in to them. Distance is, amazingly, not a factor in this. If you sat within 5m of an LRF and they used the pulsar, it would still not affect you.

I hope this is what you were asking.

Ok thanks. It must have just been in the confusion of the battle that I auto-locked onto an LRF without noticing or something.