IR Flares vs Missile Shield

I have noticed that the cooldown for IR Flares has been greatly increased (35+ seconds) while Missile Shield on guard frigates retains a low 15sec reuse, was this intentional?

I did think a blue IR flare module with 10 sec cooldown was a bit much but i also think such a long cooldown is actualy excessive and basicaly greatly reduces the survivability of weak ships like Interceptors, now this doesn’t apply on every map since some have alot of places to hide and escape but overall i think the utility of this module has been demolished.

The whole patch is more bad then good actually.

Tbh Flares were too good before.

Yeah, why the increase of cooldown in flares? the old cooldown was good, now flaraes almost cant save your A$$

yaa i agree missles should always be able to be counted the only time they should be a problem is if a their are more then 1 people fireing them at you and b if you are not paying atentchon not if you jest killed some one and they failed to hit you with their missle only to fly to the node and get shot down bye cuise missile

There is an implant that makes you immune to slows for 20 seconds and another (same tier) that makes you immune to energy drain for 20 seconds whenever you use a survival (or restoration) module. When the flares cooldown was ~15 seconds you could have 100% on the immunity.

Yeah i know about that implant, i actualy have it but seriously?
Easy solution: Reduce implant duration to 5-7 seconds, return IR flares to old cooldown


It ain’t that hard…