Invite Friends, Bug with Code Generation


I like to report a bug with the invite friends system.

I been trying to invite a coupe of friend of mine to play this game.

Now here is the thing.

When I go press on the (Invite Friend) button.
I get a New window poping up. This window give me a link like:

Now this window is not giving me any “Key Code” that is required for my friend to put in when they start the game.

Just wanted to let you know that the invite friends system seems to be broken for many of us.

I have spoken to people in the “Ingame General Chat” and some people do not have this issue.

I been following this.

And its verry misleading since you are referer are not given any “code” to give to your friend when they start the game.

I also saw this.
[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/21146-developer-blog-entry-from-august-29th/)
But that guy get a window up that i dont have.

Please fix this.