Invincible by mistake or design?

I’ve been looking at the new destroyers a lot since I realized how important it is to position active modules right on them and to know how to move in battle for maximizing firepower… just as it was with any other ships before only without the chance to decide of active modules in such way. The Procyon and the Archon are pretty simple to see how their main weapons can fire at targets in the largest numbers. Unlike the Invincible.

I tried to figure out which position is the best for it to shoot at any target with the maximum of 8 cannons and which might be its weak point. Then I started to count the cannons and I could not find only 11 of it. Sorry for the awkward pictures I don’t have this ship so I could only use the preview mode.



Other than not finding one cannon I cant clearly see how this ship can manage to fire with 8 cannons at the same target.


Also, I found a little visual flaw at the two front cannons. There is no platform for them and they just seem to be there without any connection to the ship.



Opinions? Experiences?


I found this on the first or second day Destroyers were out.


Devs I’ve talked to said there are 12 turrets, but I’m pretty sure they haven’t actually looked at this ship. I’m pretty sure that one spot is missing the texture for it’s turret, as if you look closely enough, you can see some form of a black shadow there. It’s easiest to see if you undock in open space and look.

I don’t have this ship so I might stalk someone in OS with this ship to see if it’s there. In preview mode there is some sort of vibrating texture anomaly for the platform but no shadow or anything else.


But from the positions of the cannons I still don’t see how it can fire with 8 of them at one target.

If it aims up there are 7 guns on the top and maybe one or both of the two on the sides (No. 6 and 7) also fires so this might be okay.

If it fires downward there are only 3 on the bottom and 2 on the sides to aim with.

Shooting to the left and right uses 7 and maybe + 1 but I don’t know how it works.


It would be nice to get a map with optimal angles.

hey sina, i was looking at it too in os and i realise the there is one invisible turret under the ship witch alow to shoot with 8 cannon if you are on the side,

and the best Thing is if you are moving well like making a good Barrel with the shipt that allow you to shoot with 2 more gun :smiley: